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The Nordic Series… by Artist Cheryl Rodgers

These paintings celebrate my lifelong love affair with Scandinavia.

It all started a long time ago in Sweden, in a bar. (All the best stories start in bars, don’t you think?) I was with an acquaintance in a town I did not know, in a country I knew even less. And I was there to stay for a while. Headlong, impulsive and young, I had jumped on a plane to Sverige (who knew where that was?) on the flimsiest of rationales, and there we have it: a life-defining choice was made.

My acquaintance began to chat with someone at the bar and I was duly introduced. Well… who knew that I would find my soul sister in a bar in Gothenburg? I have been going back ever since - to my fantastic sister (love you sis!) - and to a country I adore.

I’ve also travelled in all the other Scandinavian countries and love them all. Their light; their sense of style; their amazing design ethos and their wisdom about the important things in life and how to live it, have me entranced. Their art and design excellence is stunning: from Strindberg to ABBA, from Aalto to IKEA, from Marimekko to Moomin… the list goes on and on… and on….

Sweden, of course, remains my favourite. The colours, the light, the trees and lakes, and the lovely, lovely people I have met there, are with me every day and inspire me in all sorts of ways, not least in my painting.

So here is my take on the Skandi essence in The Nordic Series. I am sure there will be more…

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